Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Core'dinations Tim Holtz Distress Collection

I finally did it!

I got my hands on the new Tim Holtz Distress Collection with Core'dinations! Sunday night, I was helping one of the members on my stocking crew to finish a HUGE cart of open stock scrapbooking paper, and as we were opening the packages of paper, Tim's signature (you know that one...) caught my eye. After freaking out a little that JoAnn was catching up with the times, and carrying some more of Tim's distress products, I went on to tell my team member my history with Tim's products. She opened a package of dark brown paper from the new line, and I said, "I bet that one is Walnut Stain." After turning the paper over and reading the label, I got "wow, you are good..." in response :)

JoAnn is having a big sale this week, and all of their open stock paper is 5 for $1, including the new Core'dinations Distress Collection. The large format stores are carrying 30 of the 36 colors that are available. I picked up one of each.

I actually have a day off tomorrow, so I can't wait to play with my new paper!

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  1. I need to go to J's. I need more Core'dinations!! Love that cuts so well in my E2!


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