Friday, September 25, 2009


I came home from work today to box from Mary Kay containing my Star Consultant prize; a Mary Kay themed scrapbooking set!!! I think it's gorgeous! I'm not sure that I'll use the photos stickers of Mary Kay Ash, but other than that, I love what it came with. Everything is of really high quality :) I took photos during the unboxing process...

It came with a beautiful box that matches the album, 3 ink pads in pink, silver and black, 3 flower stamps that coordinate with the album cover, 2 sheets of journaling die cuts, 2 different fonts of clear sticker letters with lowercase letters as well as capitals, and foil MK themed stickers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Missing Photo

After every project that I do, I take a photo of the finished piece for memories sake, seeing as how most of my crafts are gifts of some sort. Two of my best friends in the entire universe, whom also happen to be married to each other, have the cutest baby boy you could ever imagine. earlier this month, it was Tracy's birthday, and I of course made her a gift, BUT...I forgot to take a picture...

Tracy, being the amazing friend that she is, took time away from her mountain of homework and took a picture of it for me :)

I used a canvas for this project and covered it with some of her favorite colors and a bright photo of her adorable baby boy in his Halloween costume! I embossed the words 'you are my sunshine' on the cirlces and added Making Memories Arrow Eyelets to help draw the attention to the photo.


I'm at work, but I just HAD to tell everyone the great news! After much frustration and running around, I finally spoke with a representative at Quickutz, and they are shipping my Silhouette TODAY! ::excited::

Monday, September 21, 2009

Surprise Prize

So, today during the last class of the day, I was in the classroom of a wonderful lady. She got this crazy look, and said that she'd be right back because she had a 'prize' for me in her office across the campus. Confused, I stayed behind. She returned with two (one for me, and one for my mom) adorable pink tissue paper wrapped gifts, and instructed me to "OPEN IT! TEAR IT!" Though I didn't want to tear the pretty packaging, I obliged, and LOOK what I found inside!
She made these beautiful magnets out of ceramic tile, patterned paper, vinyl (cut with her Quickutz Silhouette), and a sealant! I think they're stinkin' cute. I'm not sure I remember the last time I recieved a gift for no reason...

Scrap'n 101

If any of you are from the Spring/Woodlands area of Texas, you have to check out The Lone Star Scrapbook Company. Besides hobby stores like Micheals and Hobby Lobby, Lone Star is the closest scrapbooking store to me. I love it there! They have everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to scrapbooking, and their prices are reasonable.

They offer classes on different scrapbooking techniques and styles almost every night, so my Mom and I signed up for their Scrap'n 101 class that gives introduction information to beginning scrappers. We had a BLAST! the class was $10 each, but at the end, you receive a $10 gift card for the store, plus 10% off of anything you purchase that night. They ALSO had a coupon that gave 40% off one item.

We definitely plan on signing up for more classes!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Road Trip Turned Crafty!

Okie Doke! So...Rigo and I took a road trip to San Antonio this weekend for his cousin's wedding. For the record, it was B-E-autiful! Anywho, our hotel check-out time was 11am, so we decided to take the long way home. We drove from the San Antonio Riverwalk where our hotel was to the Tanger Outlets in San Marcos, stopping for coffee on the way in New Braunfels. We only spent $12 dollars at the outlet mall, but did look around quite a bit. From there, we headed towards Austin. Half way to Austin, I remembered why I was so excited about going to San Antonio...I had heard that there were some great scrapbooking shops. I was pretty disappointed that I had forgotten, so we decided to look for some scrapbooking shops in Austin. Of the three we found on Google, guess how many were open on Sunday. Zero. Bummer? Yes.
We continued driving around Austin, this time looking for food. We came upon a Tuesday Morning store. I remembered faintly hearing about someone on YouTube shopping there for scrapbooking materials. I found some pretty great stuff!

Making Memories Embellishment Paper - Scrapbook Basics - Bright. 40 Sheets. $2.99

Making Memories Snaps Collection- Watercolors Muted - 6 colors, 270 pcs. $4.99

Fiskars Craft Mats (2, one for Mom) - Coastal Collection - 6"x6". $1.99

Glue Runner - Permanent. $1.49

Two Very Special People

These two cards were made for two very special people. Since becoming a Mary Kay IBC, I have more support than could ever be imagined! Not only have my husband, Mom, step-dad, and in-laws been supportive, but also my Sales Directors. In Mary Kay, as a consultant, you only have one actual director. My director, Holly, is AMAZING at what she does.

In early July, she was placed on extreme bed rest until her delivery of her first baby in September. While she was unable to work like she usually does, her offspring director, Jessica, became our unit's acting director and at the same time, managed her personal unit. When Holly returned on Friday, September 18th, we had Jessica Appreciation Day, and were asked to bring a personal note or card to surprise Jessica with. Here's mine:

Since Friday was also the first chance I got to see Holly since she had her baby boy, Evan, I made her a baby card:

These were my first cards that I actually made with specific people in mind. I can't wait to see what else I can come up with! We have a lot of birthdays and holidays coming up...

Organization for the Cluttered

This 12"x 24"x 6" tote, my friends, is what my crafting supplies have been stored in for over a year...

My wonderful, handsome, thoughtful, amazing husband (can you tell I'm happy??) bought me this new drawer set to organize all of things, and set up a desk from another room so that I have somewhere to work! It's no giant scrapbook room like some people have, but this is a HUGE step up from my tote :)

Amazing? Si.

Zavala Family

September 6th was my mother-in-law's birthday. This was Janie's first birthday since Rigo and I were married, so we wanted to do something personal and unique for her. Instead of buying her something, or taking her out to eat, we decided to make her something for her office.

I used an 8 x 10 hard canvas and decorated it with layered card stock. I stamped the letters on, and embossed the background with clear embossing powder. I got that cute little flower in a set from Michaels on clarence for $1.99!

Oh yes...she loved it and it's hanging in her office now! :)

I've Returned!

Oh. My. Goodness! I seriously forgot about this blog! I just checked it, and realized that I haven't posted ANYTHING since November of last year! Holy smokes...time to get back on the band wagon...

Lets see...a really quick recap:

December: My husband and I got a hedgehog, named Hedgie
January: We officially started our own photography business (CoGo Photography). We have a separate blog for that (Blog).
April: We got MARRIED on April 11th!!! (I also turned 21!!!)
June: I became a Mary Kay Independent beauty Consultant which I LOVE (My Mary Kay)
September: My mom and I picked up a new hobby; scrapbooking!

So, I've taken to taking photos with my little point-and-shoot of things I've been making or doing. I hope that will motivate me to post more on this blog!

See you all soon!