Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shimmer Spray: So Distressed

Hello Hello!

Good news! I'm not sick anymore! I have been super sick with some weird stomach virus since last weekend, and couldn't be happier that I'm feeling better. When I got the news that I was chosen as a Master Designer for the Club Ruby Design Team, I was SO EXCITED, but SO did not feel well. My hubby is taking me out to celebrate tomorrow :)

I finally got around to shooting a video that I've been promising on creating your own, custom shimmer spray. I did my best to not call it Glimmer Mist, which is a spray from Tattered Angels, so I got a little tongue tied in the video. I hope you like it! If anyone has any suggestions on how to better set up my camera, please let me know! I'd like to know how people shoot their videos directly over their hands.


  1. Hey Courtney, LOVE your blog and your work. Can't wait to see what else you create. Just found your blog looking for some UTEE tips and became a follower.
    As for video, I've just started making a few videos (mostly using my Gypsy), but the only thing I have been able to figure out so far is to place tripod in front of me facing down, acutally shooting upside down. Then I flip it when editing. I'd also love to learn if you find some other ways to video.

  2. Beautiful tag! I just got some of the Tim Holtz distressing inks and stamps so I am really glad to find your blog. As for filming, I use a shower curtain rod. Place on my table and sticks to ceiling(doesn't leave a spot on ceiling) Then I take a gorilla tripod(can get at Wal Mart for around 14.00) wrap it around the rod and place my camera on. It is easy to work around and way better than tripping over the floor tripod. If you want to check out the filming angel my blog is Congratulations on becoming a designer on Above Rubies Studio!


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