Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Have a Problem

Hello. My name is Courtney, and I have a craft store addiction.

((Hi, Courtney...)) Good. Now that we're introduced, my story....

For the past few months, new crafts and hobbies have captured my imagination leaving my head full of ideas, and my wallet nearly empty. I've always been creative; loving drawing, digital photography, graphic design, calligraphy, and anything else that helps keep me busy.

In addition, I've picked up cake decorating and sewing. Those two are my primary focus at the moment, in addition to my wedding planning (yay!) and work.

Baking and Cake Decorating
I thoroughly enjoy being the Go-To girl for baking and decorating cakes for my friends and family. Each cake seems to be better than the previous. So far, my major cakes have been:

The Yellow Submarine Cake for my younger sister's 17th birthday. Tie-Dyed Yellow cake. Butter cream Icing. Hand piped submarine.
The ETA of David Pippin for my best friend's baby shower. Chocolate cake with a peanut butter cookie as the center. Covered in blue Satin Ice fondant. Rice Krispies Treat Airplane.

I also did mini cheesecakes found here for my mom's birthday last month. I'm not sure where the pictures of those went...

I was given my first sewing machine this past summer by my future Grandmother-in-Law. It's a Kenmore and I love it. Most of things I've sewn recently will be gifts, so I can't post pictures of them, yet.

At the high school where I work as a teacher's assistant, I was surprisingly asked to help in the Sewing and Apparel class. Exciting? I THINK SO! The woman teaching the class, Mrs. Sheila Anderson, is amazing! She has a degree in Home Economics and I swear she can do anything with a sewing machine! I've been learning a ton. I watch her demonstrations, help my students, and after work I am able to work on a similar project using what I learned!

I'm sure that by reading this blog, you'll come to realize that I have quite the addiction to my hobbies. Thanks for stopping by!

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