Monday, November 10, 2008

My blossoming Collection

I took a picture of my fabric collection. Some of it is at Mom's house, but a lot of it, which is shown, has been purchased recently.

From left to right, there's:
Blue Thermal, Muslin, Red and White Checkers, Light Purple Decorative Diamond, Deep Red and Orange Decorative Diamond, Blue Bandanna Flannel, Green Dots, Red Bandanna Flannel, Brown and Pink Corduroy, Camo Cordura, Camo Cotton, Baby Animals Flannel, Blue Paisley, Music Note Cotton, Train Flannel.
I also have a light cream with small flowers that I've been using to make a shirt in the Apparel class at work. I hope it turns out okay; I love that fabric.

I love the variety that I find at my usual stores. JoAnn's is having their Veteran's Day sale. I think I'll stop by tomorrow and check out the fabrics on sale.

I made a list today of all of the projects that I have in mind. When it stops raining and I can get it from the car, I'll type it up and post it.

A side note. I think I've been frequenting my craft stores too often. I was able to predict that a few things at Hobby Lobby would be on sale this week. Bad sign? Nope. I don't think so :)

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