Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sew Everything Workshop

I love this book.


Diana Rupp.

That's why.

She doesn't assume that there is any prior knowledge of sewing and breaks EVERYTHING down into simple terms. I am very much a beginner seamstress and her book makes sense to me!

Last night, during one of my regular trips to Barnes and Noble, I sat and read nearly half of this book. Needless to say, I purchased the book. The introduction is wonderfully written with stories of her childhood, her mother and grandmother, and how she came to be what she is. It captured my interest right away. For less than $25, thanks to my Barnes and Noble membership, I've been able to carry around, and read about, 25 awesome projects, like knickers and boxers, and learn a LOT about things like inserting a zipper and sewing in lining. I would totally recommend this treasure to any beginner to sewing.

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