Monday, January 4, 2010

Condensation Collector: It's a messy job, but someone has to do it

I have been absolutely floored by the explosion in my blog traffic and comments! I added a vistor counter to this blog last Wednesday, and it's already over 2100 hits, in 6 days! I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to browse my blog, and leave a comment; it means so much to me to wake up every morning to new visitors, followers and commentors! Some of you may have noticed that I had a special person comment on my last post. That's right! THE Tim Holtz commented on my shadow box! Yesterday, was absolutely the best day yet in my crafting career!

I head back to work tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd get one last post in before I busy myself with laundry and gathering my work supplies. Per the requests from several people, I am considering beginning to post tutorials on a few of the techniques and projects that I do. Whether those tutorials will be in the form of photos and text, or video, I don't know yet. We will see!

Alrighty, down to business:

I made this coaster as a practice project, and wanted to make sure that it was made to be functional. There isn't enough room in my house to allow me to justify another decor item, so I made a coaster that could (hopefully) withstand heat and moisture. I do think that with a few more embellishments, this would make a neat home decor item, but for now, mine is protecting my desk from the dangerous condensation dripping from my Cream Soda bottle.

Now you tell me, is this something in which anyone would like a tutorial? I'd hate to start doing tutorials that no one wanted, so I figure I'll play it safe and take some advice!


  1. Oh My Courtney! Your blog is AMAZING! So full of T. Holtz style crafting - your shadowbox is phenomenal! Great job! And the coasters, too - just WOW!!!!! So glad I found your blog!

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing how to make one of those funky coasters!

  3. Fabulous work on this coaster! I'd love to learn how to do this....tfs!!

  4. Oh my, your shadow box is amazing...Your tags are super also!

  5. This is very nice, I like the touch of purple. I keep making these and giving them away, I really need o make one and keep it on my desk.


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