Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lonestar Scrapbook Co: All Star Round Up

My mom and I had the BEST time today! Our local scrapbooking store has an All Star Round Up every few months. It's basically a 2 hour long class, where several instructors take turns coming to your table and giving you a 20 minute mini project to do that showcases the idea around their class that they teach at the store. The store offers a pretty nice discount on purchased product the day of the class, and you recieve the money paid for the class back on a store gift card. The projects today weren't as impressive as the last class we took, but it was still fun. It was so fast-paced that I forgot to take any pictures, except for this one, because we took it before the class actually started :)

With my discounts after the class, I made a few purchases. I got 2 more colors of Perfect Pearls (Forever Green, Blue Pantina), an UHU Stic glue stick, a package of Tim Holtz Grunge Paper (I was running low), and the Tim Holtz Design Ruler. I've heard that you have to be careful with the design ruler when cleaning it. I'll have to remember not to use an abrasive cleaner, or the numbers and grid will wipe off (or so I've heard).

More to come this weekend, promise!

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