Saturday, January 30, 2010

Karrie Allen: My New Favorite Teacher

I know, I haven't posted in a while. I was so busy with work, and all of the wonderful CHA announcements the past week or so...but, I'm back now!

Since my last post I've taken an AMAZING class from an AMAZING woman, and signed up for another! Her name is Karrie Allen. How did I meet her? An interesting story! While selling Mary Kay, I was looking for new customers, and invited this nice girl, Michelle, from my local scrapbooking store to coem to an event. We got to talking, and realized that her boyfriend's brother had worked with my husband. Small world, right? In the following days, we discovered lots of common intrests, and she let me know that she was really nervous about the possibility of her boyfriend proposing on their anniversary. Loooong story a little shorter, he proposed, and that meant a WEDDING! Well, it just so happens that my husband and I are wedding photographers, so OF COURSE we asked if we could shoot their wedding as a gift. Talk about finding a great couple to befriend! Anywho, I came to find out, that Michelle's husband's mother was Karrie Allen, an amazing scrapbooker and teacher. Her brother is the owner of Bazzill Basics Paper Company - how could she NOT be awesome?

I took Karrie's last Razzill Dazzill Bazzill class, and I-AM-HOOKED! Her website is here, and the following are photos of the projects we made! All of the layouts were HER ideas, and not mine. If you live in the Houston area, and are looking for a great scrapbooking class, check out her blog!

I need to find some pretty green embroidery floss to finish the "Family" lettering. Gotta love Bazzill In Stitchz.

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