Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Worlds Best Garage Sale!

Holy Macaroni! You all will not believe what happened today. If you read my last post, but awesome Father-in-Law bought me a huge box of wood mounted stamps from a garage sale. There was some seriously great stuff in there!

This morning, while I was out running errands with my mom and dad, I get a phone call from my Mother-in-Law saying that they had been back in the area of that same garage sale, the people were still out there, and that I really needed to stop by.

~~Now pause for a second. When a crafty girl, like myself, hears that there was some 'art stuff' at a garage sale, we really aren't expecting much. Most of the time, 'art stuff' consists of someone's old arts and crafts box under a table on their drive way. ~~

I couldn't resist. We were already in the area...why not swing by.

We. Hit. The Motherload.

There were boxes, and boxes, and BOXES of scrapbooking supplies! It had been sitting in storage for a while, in the Texas heat, so some of it was ruined from the moisture in the air, but there were TONS of never been opened, unmounted rubber stamps, and punches, and embellishments, and and and...just plain awesomeness! It was hot, so very hot, but we endured, and went through every single box they had. So much of it hadn't been opened, or was only slightly was seriously unreal.

We took everything we purchased home, wiped everything clean with baby wipes, and took these photos with my husbands phone:

For all of this, we paid only $20 :)

What. A. Steal.

Then, when I got home tonight. I found out that my in laws had purchased a few stamps for me while they were there...

Best garage sale weekend EVER!

Have a happy week everyone!


  1. how awesome is that. You struck the crafting mother load. I wish I could find a yard sale around here that had some cool stuff.

  2. This was definately the mother load girl! Congrats!! I see lots of great stuff there!

  3. Are you flipping kidding me?!?!
    I am crying here looking at all that awesomeness.
    Lucky you.

  4. Great find! I went to a really good yardsale and spent a lil more but got a TON of stampin up paper and stamps!

  5. OH MY GOD. oh my god. You won't hv to buy a thing for years.. LOL wow.. amazing stuff.. do u hv room for all that? if u don't... well...... just saying.. I hv some room... LOL

  6. Holy Macaroni is right! You lucky girl! Enjoy your finds.

  7. OMG - heaven!! You lucky duck!! That is simply amazing!


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