Friday, June 4, 2010

GASC Day 1: Amazing!

Before leaving for the convention, I tweeted Mario, and asked him if he thought it would be possible to get my Tim Holtz book signed. He of course said to bring it, and they would totally get it signed for me.

We walk into the Arlington Convention Center about an hour after the show opened, and Rigo helped me to find the Stampers Anonymous booth in the GASC pamphlet. We made our way to the 700's row, and I could immediately see the massive crowd around Tim (of course).

When we got to the crowd, I unzipped the backpack that Rigo was carrying, and took out my Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities book so that I could try to get it signed by Tim and Mario.

As I'm standing there trying to see over people, Rigo kept tapping my shoulder because I was in the way of other people seeing. About the third time he tapped me, I turned around to see Mario smiling, holding his Iphone with Twitter open. He said, "Am I correct?" and shows me my Twitter photo.

He had me write my name on a business card and put it in the book, and set it next to Tim to sign! I was so stoked! I didn't want to look like a creeper standing around for an hour, so we did a little shopping in the Stampers Anonymous booth, had Mario sign my book, and left.

Then, I suddenly realized that we hadn't taken a picture with Tim! 
We had to go back :)

When we got there, Tim was just taking a break, and one of the great ladies working the booth said she would take a photo of us all, so Rigo could get in the photo too!

As we're standing there posing for the picture, Tim looks over to my necklace, that I made out of his products, and asked me if I made it! He thought it was great, and we ended up having a conversation for a few minutes about why materials other than stinky resin aren't any good for jewelry that is meant to be worn! 

I had a conversation with Tim Holtz!!

That's right folks. That is me (looking all goofy), and my husband Rigo posing for a photo with the one and only Tim Holtz!

What. A. Day!

Looking forward to going back for day 2 tomorrow!


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