Saturday, June 5, 2010

GASC Day 2: Even Amazing-er!

If it is even possible, today was even greater than yesterday!

Rigo and I woke up early, ate our continental breakfast of eggs and sausage, checked out of our room, and headed straight to the GASC. I wanted to arrive early so that I might have a chance at sitting at Tim's demo table.

We got there 30 minutes before the doors opened, and the line was already from the entrance to the other side of the convention hall. Crazy! 

Once they let us in, we managed to get close enough to the table to stand behind the people in chairs for the first demo, and then Rigo (my hero!) snagged me a seat for the second demo he did. We were there for a bout 3 hours! Time just flew by.

Tim did some great demos!

Mario was sick with food poisoning today, so I didn't get a photo with him.

We did a little shopping throughout the convention. Yes, I actually SPENT my money today.
After stopping by the Stampers Anonymous booth a few times (because I kept remembering things that I needed), and walking around the whole place a few times, we thought we were through.

I convinced Rigo to go to Tim's booth once more before we left, and you will NOT believe what happened!

I grabbed a blending tool rack, and headed to the outside of the booth to grab a few more blending tools when Tim crossed my path, heading back to his demo area.

I turned to Rigo, and asked him to ask Tim for the name of his favorite flourish stamp that we'd be talking about all weekend, and where we could find one since the booth was out.

Rigo walks over to his table and said, "Hey Tim, do you know where we can pick up one of those flourish stamps that you have? We've been trying to find one all day."

and get this...

Tim responded with, "Here, take mine. Wait, let me sign it."

And this is where our jaws hit the floor. Rigo and I couldn't even speak, and all of the ladies that were gathered around were in shock! One lady even whined, "what did he do to get THAT!" and Tim told her that he had "just asked."

He seriously is an amazing and generous person.

Now I just have to fight with Rigo for custody of the stamp >.<


  1. I am so happy for you!! No one deserves this more than you. I think you are Tim's greatest fan by far! I know you will cherish these memories forever! You lucky duck!

  2. Sounds like someplace I should be teehee.
    How sweet of him to give you his stamp and then sign it. How nice.

  3. Congratulations! That is so awesome : D

  4. You can have weekends, holidays and Summer, but I get the Macbook Pro ;)

  5. You can just keep your dirty little paws off of my stamp AND my Mac :)


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